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Something to consider when installing carpet.


The human body is an amazing machine that carries out a very complicated and diverse series of functions. Like any machine, the human body needs proper care and maintenance and reasonable care to function over a lifetime of use. As long as something remains operational we tend to ignore what is happening to vital parts of our bodies as we go on with our daily tasks. Carpet installers and carpet repair people should not be excluded from a lifetime of good health just because of the tools they use daily they are not safe to use and are the very cause of considerable serious injury daily and account for a significant amount of property damage also. The carpet receives significant damage from all those holes poked through it never made much sense to anyone.

Professional carpet people should be aware of the possible health risk that can occur when using a knee kicker this information is not common knowledge to most knee kicker users. Knee kickers cause considerable injury annually some of these injuries can be life changing and in some rare cases be result in death due to complications from the injury. Carpet workers often suffer from back and neck injuries also this can be caused by the constant impact this can cause significant hip pain, later as we age we realize the damage that occurred to our bodies. The most serious of all are blood clots that can occur from impact when kicking carpet with a great force. The arterial system consisting of the popliteal and femoral arteries are located, directly in the front of the patella, this is the part of the knee that you make contact, with a knee kicker 500 to 1000 times or more daily. Back in the day of the barbarians, the command was cut them off at the knees, they were referring to the opposing force and you personally would be excluded from doing your own knees. Today in the modern era we have knee kickers so we can do our own knees and we no longer need barbarians. Please take better care of your health and reconsider how you treat your body and stop using your knees as a battering ram you will be glad you decided to try a different method than you are now using.

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