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ON SALE for $249

The Triforce adapter attaches to all junior powerheads (except Taylor) and turns your stretcher head into a powerful and fast stretching tool. The Triforce design not only stretches carpet 30% tighter than any other current method but stretches carpet twice as fast. Thus eliminating costly recalls for wrinkled carpet and earning your money in half the time. No poles to set up or take down, lightweight, does not void warranty, does not anchor to the tack strip, works with baseboard heaters, works on almost all carpet types and on any subfloor.



ON SALE for $499

The Triforce Max is a compact, all in one carpet stretcher. The Max is lightweight, fast and is 16% more powerful than the Triforce adapter attached to a junior powerhead. The Max can get into tighter areas due to its compact design and offers all of the benefits of the Triforce adapter. Powerful stretching installs that are twice as fast and no setup or take down! The Max is the ultimate tool for installers that not only want the best but want too double their production and earn their money faster. 

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triFORCE Mini MAX®


The Mini Max is an extremely compact stretcher made too fit into tight areas. The Mini Max is ideal for stretching hallways, walk-in closets, RVs or any tight areas you may run into. The Mini is very compact and lightweight, but don’t let its size fool you! The Mini can stretch carpet extremely tight! It can easily stretch a 20 x 20 room 30% tighter than any other method can. Even though the Mini was designed for small areas, it will stretch in small rooms. However, it is not fast at room stretching, due too it’s small head size. It’s excellent for repairs, small re-stretches and truly shines in RV and boat installations and repairs!

triForce Mini Max in Tool Box

triFORCE Stair MAX® – Shipping NOW!


The Stair Max is the answer for the hateful task if stairway installation. The Stair Max not only saves your knees from kicking, it installs stairway carpet FAST and tight! For standard stair treads, it is just one stretch in the center, one on each side and the stair tread is stretched drum tight. The Stair Max is lightweight and adjustable for differing riser heights. No knee kicking, tighter stretches, no damage to your body, faster installation without recalls, make the Stair Max a must have for every installer.

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Return Policy

We Offer a one year satisfaction guarantee that prorates after 6 months, not after 30 days like most tools. If the customer chooses to return the tool, they will need to ship the tool back to Superior Carpet Tools. After the tool is received at the factory, the condition will be assessed for damage (Scratches and knicks don’t constitute damage) and a refund is then immediately issued. If the tool is returned after the six month date, the condition is assessed, the refund is prorated and immediately returned. 


We offer a lifetime warranty against workmanship and defects, with the exception of the cotton teeth (grippers) as these are normal wear items. Miss use of the tool is not covered under the lifetime warranty. If the tool is found to be defective it will either be repaired, repair part(s) sent, or a full replacement tool will be issued, with the return of the original tool required.