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100% knee free

100% knee free

The feet of the triFORCE are not rigidly fixed to the unit, they float in order to make better contact with the carpet. The grip that they are able to achieve on the carpet means there is virtually so slippage of any kind, thus not damaging the carpet in any way. The triFORCE works on most all carpets and in most any situation an installer would face day to day. Whether it’s commercial or residential, loop pile, cut pile, shag, cut berber, makes little difference with the triFORCE. WARNING! WARNING!



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A Better Stretch

A Better Stretch

The triFORCE attaches to a junior stretcher head in place of the poles or Pro-Lo Pins. No worries about stretching off of metal stud walls, base board heaters, concrete or wood sub floors and does not damage the carpet or void the warranty.The triFORCE handles most any situation you come up against with ease. Constructed of engineered light weight flexible tubing for years of trouble free use. The tubing actually flexes under load, contributing to the stretch of the carpet. This tubing flexes under load and contributes to the stretch helping triFORCE achieve a 30% tighter stretch on the carpet, with far less effort on the part of the installer.

The triFORCE was developed by carpet professionals, for carpet professionals. Built from engineered, light weight tubing to last a lifetime, the triFORCE adapter totally changes the way carpet is installed. No fighting with stretcher poles or looking for something solid and straight to push off of. Neither is there any stretching from the tack strip with clunky tools and disengaging the tack strip from the floor, or having to put extra nails in it to prevent lifting.

Destroying your body with a knee kicker is no longer necessary either. Stretch carpet evenly and in half the time over the methods you are currently using. Quicker installs and re-stretches means more money in your pocket without suffering all of the fatigue and pain at the end of the day. Additionally, installers have more room in their service truck since one tool now works in most every situation and with most every carpet type.


  • After using it for the last three weeks and stretching 12 homes, along with numerous transition repairs, I think I have used it in enough situations to give an honest opinion. I am impressed with this tool and I think it is a must have for anyone that stretches carpet on a regular basis.   Charlie Lyman The Carpet Geek
  • I've had the TriForce since it first came out and I love it. It makes stretching carpet very easy .  It does take time to get use to because you don't think it will work , but it does. I've used it on rooms at big as 20' x 30' on Berber carpet and it was tight as a drum.

    Jerry Valentine

  • This is a must have if u work in the carpet cleaning industry doing installs and repairs. It saves time and no longer any need for long extension poles   Travis Moorer
  • The Triforce is an amazing tool if you don't have one you need it. Since I bought the Triforce and it has worked on all carpet. Then they came out with the super grip feet and they do work without using your knee. If you have anything you need to ask about the Triforce or any problems you just have to call them and if they don't answer they will call you back. I'm just waiting for the next tool they make to be able get it. Before you know it the kicker will be no more, with all the new tools that they are working on. In closing if you don't already have the Triforce get it you will be installing carpet for many years. Thanks Bruno and Mario for the great tools you are coming up with. Sent from my iPhone Rod Mullins Installations for Home Depot
  • Thanks Superior Carpet Tools
    Got my triForce adapter last week used it on 3 large jobs this week. Takes a little to get use to but it's an awesome tool. I have been doing flooring for over 40 years. Wish I would have seen this tool sooner. If you are a professional you need t...
  • I take my hat off to you two for developing your simple but effective carpet-stretching device. The physics are nicely applied!
    Paul G. Hewitt